A bumper harvest!

The Harry’s team have had a busy couple of months out in the orchards and pressing in the cider house. Our orchards have been laden with fruit this year and there were virtually no trees that weren’t bearing fruit which was a joy to see. Our varieties that tend to be biennial (cropping every other year) were bowing to us with apples, Coat Jersey, Browns Apple and Yarlington Mill trees were bursting at the seams and with just two rows of Yarlingtons in the orchard we were amazed to harvest over 10 tons with a particularly good juice yield too. Our Browns Apple orchard planted back in 2012 has now come of age as well, with a gentle prune back in the winter months and an ‘on year’ for cropping we harvested around 70 tons from our 6 acres across the road here. The majority of our crop from the orchards were hauled back here to the farm for pressing, although
we had a surplus of fruit from our heritage orchard and were lucky enough to find a home for these apples.

We purchased some more tanks back in August which allowed an extra 30000 litres capacity and we’ve just about filled everything up. We have pressed 11 different varieties this year ranging from light dessert fruit to full bodied tannic apples, small homebrew scale batches to 10000litre batches. We are always eager to trial new varieties and with plans to potentially plant more orchards we wait with anticipation as to how these new varieties taste in the spring.

With this bit of cold weather we’re currently having, fermentation is starting to slow up a bit in the tank store and some varieties may take up to 3 months to ferment right out followed by a 6 month maturation. These slow fermentations are ideal for building up unique, distinctive flavours and aromas, happening as naturally as possible. So if you’re wondering what our 2019 batch is tasting like, you’ll just have to wait until summer 2020, but in the meantime head to our shop for our 2018 vintage>>>https://www.harryscidercompany.co.uk/shop/

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