Dabinett claims Bronze at British Cider Championships

The dawn of The Royal Bath and West Show held at Shepton Mallet, always sparks excitement for cidermaker’s across the UK. It’s one of the largest cider competitions in Europe, with over 500 entries in over 15 classes, including some of the most highly respected cidermakers and judges from across the globe.

In the last two years there has been a new section introduced by Gabe Cook AKA ‘The Ciderologist’ and this is ‘The International Cider’ class. This has reinvigorated the competition and given a broader insight into the style of cider that is made away from ‘the heartland’ of cider country. Entries have come from the US, Spain, Luxembourg and many others, showing just how much of a draw this is in the cidermaking calendar.

However, it is not just the International Cider Class that has opened up our eyes to the new wave of cidermakers coming through. In the home classes we have seen entries from as far afield as the highlands in Scotland! This goes to show that cider is on the rise and rightly so, times have changed and people have respect for the quality available, an understanding for the glorious fermented apple. One of the fastest growing categories across the drinks sector.

With all of this said, the competition is getting tougher and tougher each year. More entries and better quality cider is being made than ever before. There were over forty entries in the single variety class with our Dabinett claiming Bronze, which we are thrilled about. The Dabinett is a bittersweet apple high in tannin and low in acidity, native of South Somerset, discovered by a man called William Dabinett in 1904. Our Dabinett cider is slightly unique to others as it is back sweetened with juice resulting in a naturally medium to sweet cider while retaining those bold tannins on the back of the tongue. We believe that this is a very social cider at 4.5% and can be enjoyed with friends or paired with food. If you would like to get your hands on this delectable cider then order online and click here >>>https://www.harryscidercompany.co.uk/online-shop/

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